My grandma D to me- July 21, 2008

Dear Melissa,

I made this for you after [your aunt] found you and [your sister]*. After we talked I left it up to you if you wanted to have a relationship but never heard from you. [Your sister] kept in touch and we met when she was moving to Arizona and everyone once in awhile updates me on her travels. Over time I hear thru [your cousin] that you are doing fine and was happy to hear you both got together in NY. He sent pictures and you have turned out to be a beautiful young lady. [Your cousin] said he finally got a address on your and he thought you might like to have this little album. I’ve been hesitant to contact because I heard through the grapevine that you weren’t ready to connect with your past. [Your cousin] said differently so I hope to someday hear from you and maybe meet you. I added a fe updated pictures of the one’s here in Florida.


Grandma D

*I find it necessary to make a note here because I found my family through a private investigator in 2001, no one found us.

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