My father to his friend- 1985/ 1986?


I’m finally divorced and have custody of my two daughters. After 13 court appearances last year alone. Hell of a year. Glad it’s over.

I’d tell you about it but I really don’t want to relive a second of it, it cost me too much in every imaginable and a few unimaginable ways.

I still have a few things to deal with like visitations and collecting child support and a system prejudiced against single parent fathers, another story, but everything is getting easier, less paranoid and painful. I think I’m growing up.

I’m a probation officer now front line hit the street and rehabilitate these kids and their families. It’s a great job really. It’s a poor paying job but I love my world. I’m still writing and not just letters my novel is almost finished. You might like it or you might hate it, well one things for sure you’ll never forget it.

I hope this letter finds you well, but most of all I hope it finds you.

Are you out there
can you hear me somewhere
Or have you gone away
without a thing to say

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