My father to his parents- September 7, 1979


I was awaiting your letter with much anticipation. Annette left yesterday. Your letter arrived today, so the void of her leaving was filled with the good news of your letter.

I’m meeting with her father Saturday to have a good old fashioned talk. I’d like to tell you about the whole situation but that require too much detail and explanation.

Anyway Annette’s father works as a personnel manager for the government. His offices deal with the hiring of civilian employees in Europe, teachers, doctors, etc… His specific job is handling complaints, discrepancies etc..  They live in the Tanus mountains a 40 minute drive outside of Frankfurt. The story goes on and on and on. I’m sticking to the basics.

Annette is a very well cultured, outgoing, artistic human being. We compliment each other well and happen to be very much in love. We are engaged but haven’t set a date yet. You’re going to love her. She is a dream.

Well in 71 days I’ll be an unemployed G.I. looking for work. I’ll be home (cross your fingers) the 19th of Nov. I plant to spend a few days home and then around the 21st or 22nd go to Virginia to pick up Annette. (I wrote Jeff and asked him if he’d like to go with me). I’ll probably spend a few days there and then we’ll come back for introductions and the upcoming holiday season. I’d like to relax thru the rest of Nov then start working a little in Dec to get some exposure to the business. I’d like to work full-time thru the rest of the winter, spring, & summer. I’m going to need to make some bucks so I can achieve some of my goals.

Dan I can work any aspect of the IOB. Plus I have a G.I. business loan thru the V.A. I could very possibly use it to buy a Sermac truck expanding the business. There are many possibilities and I hope we can make some arrangements. It’s important to me not only for myself but for security for Annette and I.

I’d like to start building my log cabin as soon as spring breaks. I want to do everything thats possible now, so when the time comes all I have to do is build.

  1. Could you get me the address of the V.A. Regional office in Ohio? I need to send for a certificate of eligibility which expedites the getting of a G.I. home loan.
  2. I’ve got a question as far as zoning. Will it be possible as the situation exists to build another home on the property? If not, how can I go about making it possible?

I know this isn’t everything but if we take a little at a time eventually everything will get taken care of. Thank you Dad for your interest, love and support. Write soon,

Love Ed

Mom I didn’t mean to [not include] you but mostly I’m responding to dads letter (men talk you know). I’m thinking about you and will write you in response to your letter as soon as i get it. Oh I asked Annette to write you both. So don’t be surprised if you get a letter with a return address you never heard of.

Also: The pictures enclosed are terrible but I wanted to make the effort. Surprise……

Tell every one I said hello and send them my love.

*My grandma had shared this with me in 2008 but I never read it or maybe I did but I did not do the math at the time. This blows my mind because I thought I was conceived before they got engaged. But I was born in August 1980 so the earliest I could have been conceived would be ~Nov 1979. But this letter has them engaged by September 1979. I need to revisit the timeline and call my grandma.

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