My Aunt K to me- January 30, 1991

Dear Melissa,

Hi, how are you? I am fine. The reason that I am typing this is because I just got this typewriter and I need the practice. So how do you like school this year, your in the 5th grade this year right? I am a freshman this year. (That’s just a fancy name for a 9th grader.) I am having a pretty good time too. The school work is kind of hard becaus i Have all academic classes, but I’ll live. Today we didn’t have school and I went over to Kathys house. We went sled riding with her boyfriend, Mark, his brother Mike, and his friend Jeremiah. There were a few other people too. Anyway we had a real good time. I do not have a boyfriend but I am working on it. How about you? Well I better go but before I go I want you to know that I miss you, love you, and if you ever need to talk to someone I am here.


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