My Uncle J to me- June 18, 1991

Dear Melissa,

You’re welcome for the birthday card. I know now that I sent your birthday card too early= I got your birthday and [your sisters] birthday mixed up.

This fall we’ll be up in Fort Walton Beach, Florida which is near Pensacola. It looks to be 100 – 150 miles from you. Talk to your mother and maybe we can set a date to visit.

Enclosed are two more pictures. One is of J, Jr and myself. The Dog’s name is Jill. We have two dogs, Jill and her brother Joshua. The other picture is the one you asked for of Patty and me. Its one of our wedding pictures.

I’m also giving you one of my business cards with my phone number. I work at home so that number is good all the time.

So talk to your mom about us visiting and let me know what she says.

Take care and love

Uncle Jeff

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