I am going to try write this without sounding like too much of a weirdo. But I loved my TV/ VCR and all of my VHS tapes. I was 18 when I bought that TV plus I was a product of the 80’s/ 90’s. It was my first big purchase as an adult and that meant something to me. That TV was with me for almost 20 years, in several homes, in 2 states + DC.

I wore those VHS tapes out, my favorite part of that experience was all of the commercials and previews they would put at the beginning. It felt so old school and comforting to watch those movies.

But the TV was old and would try to eat the tapes. It would fade into static or turn off completely. I started to call it Carol Anne. It was time to say goodbye to it all.

The DVD’s did not really bother me from a sentimental POV but there were some damn good movies in that pile.

I tossed my TV/ VHS last. I cried on the floor as I thought about the weeks of work I had put into decluttering my life and gave myself permission to be sad in parting with this item.

Side note- I rarely cry IRL. This process was hard but also freeing, and I highly recommend simplifying if you have the chance.

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