My 1st short story

During our time in Maine, I attended a couple of schools. For the first time, I ate peanut butter and marshmellow creme sandwiches (a northeastern thing?). It felt like we were breaking the rules. I would eat it quickly as if it would turn into bologna and cheddar any second.

In art class, we were given crayons and drawing paper. We were told to shut our eyes and to start drawing a shape for a few moments. When we opened them we were to create an animal from the shape and that would be the book cover for the story we were to write. Each Chapter would have its own picture and we would practice the same exercise each time. Here is what I created:

Untitled Short Story


Chapter 1: Zaggy


Zaggy lived in a Castle. His job was to keep the king happy. He had two tails and every body made fun of him. Cause he was a misfit. He was very unhappy cause of that reson. Every day he tripped over his tail. So he stayed in his room and didn’t come out because he was afraid that he’d trip over his tail. and smash the king.

Chapter 2: Purple Zex


Purple Zex lived in a moate. His job was to guard the castle. He had long droppy ears and every body teased him. He tried to ignore it by doing his favorite thing which is swimming in the moate. But he was still very unhappy. So he only came out at night so nobody could see him! But He loved very much to guard the castle and wished he never had to leave.

Chapter 3: Untitled


I did not finish coloring this page or telling my story. I can imagine that Zaggy & Purple Zex were going to become best friends. I see that I included fish in the moat based off of the cover- maybe they would all be one happy family of misfits who protected the castle together. I wonder where their adventures would have taken them.

Miraculously, I did not lose this with my other belongings when we moved from Maine back to Ohio. It was probably still in my backpack alongside my other school work that would never be completed or turned in.

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