School’s Out Forever, illustrated and written by Melissa May

Here is a short story I wrote in my gifted & talented class when I was 10 years old:

It was a dark, stormy night. The fog was think, and the rain was quickly dampening the ground. Lindsay shuddered even thought is warm, and her friends were in the dorm with her. Her brownish red hair slipped across her elbows. Her greenish blue eyes searched outside of the window. She had one of the feelings that something bad and evil was going to happen. Her mother said she had it in her bones. She thought it was kind-of scary.

“Lindsay, what’s wrong?” asked Tiffany, brushing her autumn red hair.

“I have one of those feelings again,” Lindsay said sullenly.

“Oh, come on, The dance is tomorrow. It’s going to be great,” Stacey said.

“Yeah, you’re right. What could happen?” asked Lindsay, although she wasn’t convinced.

“Nothing. Well, bye everybody. I’m going out to see, Return of the Killer Zombie,” said Kathy cheerfully.

“Sounds like fun. Mind if I come along?” asked Sue.

“No, come on. The movie starts in 10 minutes.”

“That movie was really gross,” Sue said. “I think I’m going to throw up.”

“Me too,” Kathy replied. “Let’s go back to the dorm.”

Each of the girls had their minds of different things. Sue surveyed the campus. “It seems really creepy out here,” Sue thought to herself. “Gosh, Kathy is so quiet. It seems really weird. Maybe I should see what’s wrong with her.”

“KATHY. KATHY! KATHY!” Sue shouted, but she didn’t hear anything. Then she heard a scream. She went running towards her but it was too late. Kathy was dead. She was hanging from a tree. Her golden brown hair was tangled on a branch. Sue started screaming. Then she stopped, because she didn’t want the killer to find her.

Sue started thinking to herself. The fog seemed as though it was putting pressure on her heart, like an iron clamp. She could hardly breath. The fog was closing around her. Her heart was beating faster and faster. All of a sudden she fainted. The killer heard the thump. Then she was killed.

“Gosh, I wonder where Sue and Kathy are?” asked Tina. She turned 19 today and was going to go out with her boyfriend for a special date, or at least, he said it was.

“Don’t worry: They’re probably as the library or something,” Tiffany said assuringly.

“Well, I guess you’re right. Oh, well, I gotta go. I’m meeting Steven in front of the art building in 4 minutes,” Tina said brushing her bright red hair.

“Hi, Tina. You look great!” said Steven.

“Thank, you don’t look bad yourself” Tina said, her blue eyes gleaming.

“Listen, I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes and follow me,” Steven said.

“Great, I love surprises,” said Tina wondering what it could be.

“Don’t open your eyes will I tell you to,” Steven said. Steven led her into the woods. The fog was thick, and it was very dark, even though it was about 6:15 pm, because the trees his away the sun. Anything could happen in there, and the woods would keep it hidden, a secret. No one would ever know.

Tina was getting suspicious so she opened her eyes and started to say something, but it was too late. Steven shouted surprise and stabbed her in the stomach. “ONE!” He shouted, and he kept shouting a number every time he stabbed her until he reached 19. The he stopped. “Why did you do this?” Tina gasped.

“And one to grow on.” The he stabbed her in the heart, and she was dead.

“Did you hear something outside?” Tiffany asked.

“no, it was probably your imagination,” Stacey said.

“I don’t think so,” Tiffany replied nervously.

“I do. Look, you want me to prove it. I will. I’ll go outside and prove it,” Stacey said annoyed.

Stacey opened the door and stepped outside.

“See, There’s nothing out he—AHHH!” Stacey screamed.

The girls rushed outside, but it was too late. Blood was everywhere. Stacey was chopped up, but there was no sign of the killer. The girls ran inside and locked the door. Erma couldn’t stand it anymore. She said, “I know who the killer is. He uses a fake name. Gosh I con’t take this anymore. I have to tell. This has gone too far. His real name is Mike, and his fake name is S—,” Erma cut off. “I gotta go.”

Erma left the dorm and started walking to hers. All of a sudden, the killer jumped out in front of her and said, “I told you not to tell. You’re going to pay for that.”

“I didn’t mean to tell,” yelled Erma.

“You’re going to pay for the words you said. It’s going to cost you your life,” he yelled in a hoarse voice. Then in five seconds she was dead.

By now, Tiffany and Lindsay were really scared. Tiffany has asthma and gets attacks when she gets excited. Right now, she’s having an attack, when she realized that Tiffany, Stacey, Sue, Kathy, and Erma weren’t coming back- that they were all dead. She had attacks often, but this was a fatal one. She started gasping for air, but she couldn’t breath. The she fell dead to the floor. Lindsay was terrified. She was beyond screaming. She ran into the closet and stayed there all night. She was so scared she couldn’t sleep. But, she did faint. She didn’t wake up until 5:47 pm the next day. “Where am I?” She thought to herself. The she remembered the killer, the deaths, the strange feeling. Then she remembered her psychic visions she saw when she fainted. The killer blew the whole school up with dynamite. Then he was walking past her dorm when he heard a noise. He started to walk into her dorm. But then she woke up. She knew that something bad and evil was going to happen in 5 minutes at the dance. Everybody was going to be there, including the killer. She just sat there paralyzed.

Everybody was dancing and having a great time, while the killer was going around locking all the doors and windows. (Lindsay could see everything in her head like it was a movie.) In all of the rooms there was dynamite that connected to a switch. All he had to do was push a little red button and “KABOOIE”, the whole school will be blown to pieces. It was so simples. It was pitiful! He walked out of the building. Walked right up to the button and… “BOOM”. The whole school blew up. The dynamite caused it to catch on fire, the killer started to walk toward Lindsay’s dorm when he heard a thump. He walked in there and saw Lindsay. He snuck up behind her and stabbed her in the heart. She started walking towards him. “My god, she’s still alive,” he thought to himself. He got his axe and chopped her head off. It started rolling around. The eyes were staring at him. The head started say, “HELP ME, FIND ME!”

The body’s arms started thrashing around. All of a sudden, the body got up and went toward the head and picked it up. The killer was so stunned, he was paralyzed. She walked towards him and her arms shot out and grabbed his neck and choked him to death. Then, she fell dead on the bloody floor.


Saturday, Oct. 22, 1992, the UCLA College was burnt down. Over 30,000 students were killed in the fire. Several other students were found dead before the fire: Kathy Bradford, Sue Summers, Stacey Arnolds, Tiffany Bradford, Lindsay Phillips, Erma Pesta, and Tina Seaver. The killer was also found. e was identified as Mike Coham was wanted in many other states for stealing, murder, and selling illegal drugs.

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