*let me go

You became a part of me
As hours turned to days
Turned to months
And so much more
I felt your presence within me
Caressing me so gently
From the inside of my heart
To the soft of my lips
Making me smile and cry
Dance and collapse
I perfected the way
I loved you
And the way I despised you
It was always a battle
In our war of love
About us winning over
And defeating the other
I cannot stop thinking of you
The way your forehead crinkled
When you smiled
The millions of jokes we shared
The way most of my words
Bounced off your deaf ears
Like little stones
Falling harder with each soft whisper
Do you even know how hard this is
For me to walk away
I laid in your arms
For countless hours
But I feel like you never even knew me
Cared to know me except
For the curve of my breasts
The way your tongue felt against them
You were so fucking selfish
And I loved you for that even more
I saw your weaknesses
And in trying to comfort you
I made them my own
I want to forget
The way you felt under my fingertips
The perfect moment as you
Entered me
I want to hate you
Really hate you.
But I have lost knowing how to be angry
All I feel is utter defeat
A complete crushing of my soul
I wanted so desperately
For us to be lovers
And best friends
The rain is now falling harder
Than my tears as I sit out here
And smoke and smoke and smoke
Pen to paper
I know we can never be
You only filled my cup
To half empty
Dammit I just need to let you go
Please hear my footsteps gently fade
Please do not run after me
Please just fucking let me go

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