She’ll go outside today

she woke up early
rolled onto her back
and stretched so that
the pillows fell to the floor
and bare toes peeked out
from under the warm blanket
when she opened her eyes
the room was bright

she turned the shower knob
to the left and the room
started to steam
and she took a deep breath
she lathered her hair
the suds ran down her body
like tiny fingers
tickling her everywhere

she thought
today will be the day

she pulled her laces tight
and zipped her jacket
ran her hands through
well styled hair
she looked in the mirror and thought
i really see myself today
and smiled before heading out

she thought she knew where
the front door was
but things were getting fuzzy
her jacket felt tight
and she kicked off her shoes
her heart pounded

today will not be the day
she thought

she thought
who built this house
with the hard to find front door and

if i ever want to leave
i might have to rip up the floors
and dig my way out and

i might have to break a window
and jump out

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