Because I love you

i twist and turn for you
my bones
i can hear them snapping like dry twigs
blood drips from my muscles
they were wrung out like a rag
you can’t hear me scream
my voice is broken
you can’t see me smile
my lips are too swollen
and you can’t look in my eyes
they hang from my veins all yellow
and you just stride by so casually
so damned casually
do you remember the days
i used to be
your best friend
your lover
your daughter
your partner in crime
your shoulder to cry on
your girlfriend
your dance partner and
your waitress
i dried your tears
and shed my own for you
i let you steal sleep away from me
i held you in a way that
i’ve never held anyone else
i trusted you and forgave you
i hated myself for you
became anorexic and recovered
in spite of you
i ran with the wind
and swam with dolphins
so i might catch up to you
i turned my back on the world
in hopes that you would surrender to me
i wear makeup and i smile for you
so much for you
too much for you
because i love you

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