I kissed her.

waiting to see her again
my nerves shot electricity
through every inch of me
made my body ache, heart race
my smile unsteady
when i first met her
felt her eyes on mine
her hand in mine
i finally understood desire
when she began to speak
her words sounded loud as thunder
i was awkward and clumsy
not supposed to be there
that i should leave quickly
before she could make a memory
but there was no escape
no reason for my absurdity
she was just a girl
a stranger stepped into my reality
i contemplated those lips
those lips that moved with such passion
how i wanted to feel their intensity
brushed against mine
i do not even remember
who initiated the kiss last night
but i know that it was fiery
i felt the ice melt a little
for that i am grateful
for a moment finally not wasted on me
a kiss is just a kiss
but that one set me free
even if our lips never touch again
i got everything i needed
beautiful and passionate
she woke the sleepy dreams inside of me

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