do you need me
like a bum
needs his booze
panting and raving
body twisting in agony
am i your shelter
from the burning sun
a mirage
that makes your eyes
dance with excitement
your mouth drool
from thirst
for my caress
so gentle
yet not so weak
my caress that leaves
marks across your
beautiful face
yet you dream
of me now
not when i dreamt
of you then
two incredible visions
of eternal bliss
turned against each other
manifest into a nightmarish reality
and we cannot
step backwards
or towards
nowhere in between
yet our hearts
still race in anticipation
against time and fate
but who dares to beat them
in their own twisted game
rigged from the beginning
sabotaged until the end
it dares to taunt and tease
but even love cheats
on itself
looks at itself in the hundreds
or mirrors in a funny house
tries to decipher
which is the true one
in a maze of imposters
what does love really look like
no one can say
or will admit that rather
laughing like madmen
i think we understand
one another

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